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Can you name the words, phrases, and names that begin with 'CR'?

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ClueCR Answer
Grouchy, irritable, or like a dungeness
Brand of caramel-coated popcorn with a sailor on the box
A baby's bed; Billy Idol rocked this
Well-known board game; a skull
Slang for toilet
Obsolete computers and distracted drivers may do this
Meteorite impact area
How babies usually move around
Popular brand of art supplies
Acceptance or trustworthiness
'Ssssssssssssssss' in Minecraft
French-like language of Louisiana
In music, a gradual increase in loudness
Largest Greek island
Staff or posse
Jumping insect known for its chirping sounds
A deep purple-red color
ClueCR Answer
Nails on the chalkboard will make people do this
Kindergartners and meditators sit like this
Type of knitting using hooks
Seals's musical partner
A close, long-time friend
Strange patterns allegedly caused by extraterrestrials
Interrogate an opposing witness in a court trial
Bend or squat down low
Something that appeals to the masses
A container for melting something; Arthur Miller play
Minuscule food particles
The object of somebody's romantic affection
Walking supports
A crucial point in something
The study of extremely low temperatures
A fortune teller's most important possession

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