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Can you name the MW2 PERKS?

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Slot#PerksPro Perks
Perk Slot1PRO: 2 Secondary weapon attachments
Perk Slot 3PRO: No Falling Damage
Perk Slot2PRO: Deathstreaks require 1 less death
Perk Slot2PRO: No red name or crosshair when targeted
Perk Slot 3PRO: Move Silently
Perk Slot 3PRO: Hold your breath longer
Perk Slot1PRO: Mantle faster
Perk Slot 3PRO: Make enemy footsteps louder
Slot#PerksPro Perks
Perk Slot1PRO: Swap classes faster
Perk Slot2PRO: Aim faster down sight after sprinting
Perk Slot 3PRO: Delays the explosion of enemy claymores
Perk Slot1PRO: Faster Aim-Down-Sight
Perk Slot2PRO: Increased Bullet Damage to Vehicles (Killstreaks)
Perk Slot2PRO: Extra air support damage
Perk Slot1PRO: Extra Mags

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