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what does joe always do when he laughs
where is joe V always going at night
who has peed when really drunk in the 2014
who owns an xbox in the apartment
which member of 507 has had anal
who has the smallest penis (JK but guess)
who is the most stylish
who needs to stop being a bitch and get it in
who is the smallest member of 507
who doesn't have a meal plan in 507
who has the best blackout experiences
who is in gabelli
what is growing out of the wall in 507
who lives in room A
who own the rembrandt toothpaste
what is the smaller flag in the living room
who's room has the most decorations
who in the apartment doesn't have a mac
who's favorite beer is shock top
who owns two pair of scissors
who is from long island
what female celebrity do nick and his dad love
who has been FUEM'd
who stole the goonies poster
who never wears pants
where are the mason jars
who didn't live in jogues
who supplied the wonderful TV in the living room
who doesn't have an iPhone
who has gotten open containers
who sucks are FIFA
who is the last to be 21
who has the biggest cross
who's hooked up with a black chick
who is a math minor and a dancer/poet
who has had poopy cheeks
who eats pulled pork at least once a week
who loves Geroge Michael the most
who always tickles HD's feet

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