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Those jordans are_______. fill in the pronoun
The black shoes were new. what is the adjective
Bob applied for a job. Active voice or passive voice
The stage looks nice. what is the linking verb
The boy was running crazily. what is the adverb
Nancy fixed the laptop. is it transitive or intransitive
Bob or run. which is the noun
The manager was impressed with bob. Active voice or passive voice
I can get chocolate or vanilla. what is the conjuction
The black car is (our/ours). fill in the correct pronoun
Kevin Durant, the professional basketball player came to my house what is the appositive
This is my favorite game. what is the adjective
The big chair was confortable. what is the adjective
School will end next month. past, present, or furture
Darrel is completing his project. past perfect or present perfect
He liked ice cream, but he liked pizza more. what is the conjunction
He was lazy at school. what is the preposition
The team _____ won last week. has, had, or have
He went through the obstacle course quickly. name the preposition
Boy. make it possesive. make it possesive
I went to the store. what is the prep phrase
The person read slowly. what is the adverb
Bob looked in the house. name the prep phrase
Tony and his mom went to the movies. what is the conjuction
Jake has returned from vacation. what is the verb phrase
Max exercise every day. is it transitive or intransitive
Watch spongebob. what is the action verb
child. make it possesive
They swam in the pool. is it transitive or intransitive
We returned early. what is the adverb
candy. make it plural
My button fell from my sweat shirt. what is the linking verb
Mary plays with me. present, past, or future
Larry went to Florida. is Larry and Florida proper or common noun
My pen is nice. what is the noun
sister make it possesive
Aksh has completed his social studies project. past perfect or present perfect
The boy was in the house. name the preposition
Ms.Fava. write common noun from proper noun
The roses smell fresh. what is the linking verb

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