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Ship TypeShipNotes
CarrierLed relief forces to Onyx
Heavy CruiserAdmiral Cole's flagship
CruiserAdmiral Stanforth's flagship at Sigma Octanus
Light CruiserCrashed on Halo
CruiserDeployed ODSTs to the Battle of Earth
FrigateTransported the SPARTAN-IIs to Chi Ceti IV
FrigateFought at the Battle of Instalation 00
FrigateTransported the survivors of Operation FIRST STRIKE back to Earth
FrigateDestroyed by Covenant supercarrier during the Battle of Viery
FrigatePursued the Prophet of Regret from the Battle of Earth
Stealth FrigateHelped evacuate the Rubble
Ship TypeShipNotes
FrigateSupported Operation UPPER CUT
DestroyerCommanded by Jacob Keyes during the Battle of Sigma Octanus
DestroyerCaptured by Covenant forces near Algolis, self-destructed
DestroyerReported the destruction of Harvest
ProwlerSaw action at the Battles of Earth, Instalation 05, and Onyx
Troop TransportCommanded by James Cutter
CorvetteKilo-Five's ship
Technology DemonstratorFought at Requiem
Stealth CruiserMobile ONI command base
SloopONI ship that participated in the First Battle of Harvest
Hospital ShipPerformed augmentations on the SPARTAN IIIs of Gamma Company

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