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Starting a second wave in the Reformation, this man believed in predestination
This English leader founded the Tudor Dynasty shortly after the War of the Roses
The Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt to assassinate what English monarch?
This Polish priest kicked off the start of the Scientific Revolution with his suggestion of a heliocentric universe
This important literary figure composed his works during the Scientific Revolution, and he has become one of the most quoted writers of our day
Scottish philosopher who pioneered laissez-faire economic theory and the 'Invisible Hand'
This man invented the steam engine, partly on an effort to drive thread/cloth spinners
The French king deposed of by the French Revolution
A prominent revolutionary in France, this man was part leader of the Committee of Public Safety
Often overlooked, the Exploration/Discovery Age was in part spawned by this individuals navigation school and techniques
The great French thinker who is credited with the idea of separation of powers
The romantic hero of Italy who attacks the Kingdom of Two Sicily and at the culmination of his power gives all his conquests to Cavour
This man can be called the 'spirit' of the Italian unification. Noted for involvement in the Young Italy movement
The 1906-1911 Russian Prime Minister who reformed education and allowed for private ownership of land. Infamous for his 'necktie'
This man is credited with turning the Tory Party into the Conservative Party. Arguably one of the most famous British Prime Ministers
This Scientific Revolution thinker popularized the idea of elliptical orbits
This man distorted Marxism and Communism into his own brand. Led a successful revolution and rose to power
Enlightened thinker who is credited with the ideas of 'Blank Slate' and 'Social Contract'
The architect of the German reunification
The Sun King's main advisor was this Cardinal who succeeded Richelieu

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