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He made a midnight ride to warn of incoming British soldiers.
She was the 2nd First Lady.
He made the Louisiana Purchase
He was the leader of the Federalist Party.
He spied for Washington during the Revolution.
He was the first to die in the Boston Massacre.
He was a Quaker, welcoming every religion into his colony.
The governor of Spanish Louisiana who supplied Americans with weapons during the Revolution.
Frenchman who trained Washington's troop.
Naval leader during the American Revolution
'Give Me Liberty or Give me Death', called for a Bill of Rights to be added to the constitution
Leader of the group who did the Boston Tea Party
Wrote 'Blockheads', mocking British leaders
Wrote the pamphlet that convinced a lot of American colonists to fight for independence
He was president during the War of 1812
Founded the colony of Connecticut after getting kicked out of Massachusetts
President during the Civil War
Court case that increased the power of judicial branch with 'judicial review'
Congressional Leader from the SOUTH
Congressional Leader from the NORTH
Congressional Leader from the WEST

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