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Demography is the study of what? And what 2 aspects composer that?
4 essential things for a census
amount of time to double if growth rate is 1%
3 groups of labor force
What do you measure to determine someones wealth
who has the highest percent of migrants living in their country
who has the most migrants living in their country
people added to the world per year
how many additions to the world per second
top 5 countries adding to world population
projected population 2050
top 5 highest RNI
Name 4 dynamic aspects of population
things that vary all the time 
Static aspects are?
Impact formula of humans =
4 things demographers count
Top 5 lowest RNI
Us pop grows how much per year
how many immigrants per year
how many births in the usa per year
how many deaths in the usa per year
what counteracts momentum a country can impose what?
births per second in the world?
deaths per second
highest/lowest median age
Where do most people live?
highest pop growth rate of any region?
top 10 highest natural increase name 2
top 2 lowest
most common form of contraception
child mortality highest in
most important cause of death for children
malnutrition greatest in
contraception lowest use in

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