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Prostethics can go in the for vision in what?
What do you need to know still works (nonphotoreceptors)
Epiretinal advantage/disadvantage
Subretinal advantage/disadvantage
4 hurdles in developing retinal implants
Learning is
STM is also known as
3 types of memory
Sensory memory 2 types
Full report is
partial report
KF traits
EP traits
What do KF and EP demonstrate
Anterograde amnesia
Retrograde amnesia
facts times dates are
2 types of Declarative LTM
Procedural memory is divided into 3 parts
HM would have tower of hanoi times get better which means what was intact, and his what wasnt?
Implicit memory is
Explicit memory
EP had
Declarative episodic
declarative semantic
3 steps of memory recall/storage
ECT of anterograde amnesia showed what
Feature binding is
Pattern seperation is
Problems for retrieval are
Pattern completion
pattern evaluation
False memories come from
Memories are considered to be what because they are compiled from past events, significance, vividness
Stabilized view
spatial filtering
temporal filtering
spontaneous activity
Sensory memory is in the sensory areas of
Courtney remembering faces showed what was activated during the delayed period
limited working memory lesion occurs in
Domain specific hypothesis
Hypothesis 1 of working memory
Hypothesis 2 all purpose
Medial temporal lobes
Medial temporal lobes is not
Ultimate storage site for LTM
Lateral temporal cortex is ultimate LTM for
Frontal lobes are (associatd with false recognition)
Subsequent learing remmebering words
Neocortex is
hippocampus is
Physical changes in brain as a result of learning
Hebbian learning
paradox of plasticity
examples of plasticity
Braille discrimination in blind what fired still
auditory cortex in deaf fires for visual stimulus T or F
The somatosensory maps after the loss of a digit
Ramachandran studied phanton pain what occurs
face and upper arm close on
syndactyly is
enrichment is increased stimulation of digits
mechanisms that support plasticity
when you cut off area 3 you lose what
calford and tweedale demonstrated what
cross modolaity
how do we measure neurons for somatosensation
what does density and size have to do with neurons being fired
what are the 2 pathways in somato
Touch and propio travel how
temp and pain travel how
s1 divided into how many parts
s2 is where in regards to s1
body schema (posterior parietal) 4 contributors
Parsons study
superior parietal lobe acitivated during what exp
lackner study
vestibular system puts what where
rubber hand experiment gets rid of
Premotor and supplementory cortex regions are where
primary motor cortex
spinal cord is the
basal ganglia
gregopolus did
population coding you have to do what
velliste study is what
4 dimensions of velliste exp are
population vectors calibrate what
emergent behaviors are
4 theories on conciousness
exper of consciousness
medial is
lateral is
kirk is
shawn is

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