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Jack & Caroline, a couple with 3 kids, a bet on who can get a job first
a trip to Walley World, dad insists on driving, lots of bonding
a forgotten birthday, a pair of loaned underwear, a foreign exchange student
a criminal, a jock, a princess, a brain & a basket case
being pantsed, Lisa, a Porsche
TRAX, Duckie, fashion sense
a day in the city, Von Steuben Day Parade, a conversation with a drug dealer
Watts, the most popular girl in school, a plan to win her back
shower curtain ring salesman, Thanksgiving, all transportation fails them
“high school with ashtrays”, stops contraception, a baby
a lake in Wisconsin, twins, broke yuppies
a heart attack, Bug, been known to “circumcise a gnat”
a future pool, 25,000 Christmas lights, a fried cat
a trip to Paris, a stolen toothbrush, icy steps
a night janitor, a runaway attempt, two crooks
a boarding school brat, a drive from Georgia to Chicago, getting home just in time
some scams, homeless pair, giving her the life she deserves

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