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1960*John Sturges
1941*John Huston
1941Fritz Lang
1939James Whale
1962*John Frankenheimer
1986Michael Mann
1976*John Schlesinger
1992Robert Rodriguez
1920Fred Niblo
1940Rouben Mamoulian
1999*Wachowski Bros.
1973Martin Scorsese
1978Alan Parker
1949Ernest B. Schoedsack
1990Rob Reiner
1996Brian De Palma
1956John Huston
1932Irving Pichel - Ernest B. Schoedsack
1932Karl Freund
1944Edward Dmytryk
1944Clarence Brown
1994Oliver Stone
1987Kathryn Bigelow
1991Mario van Peebles
1955*Charles Laughton
1968*George A. Romero
1984Wes Craven
1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1959*Alfred Hitchcock
1946*Alfred Hitchcock
1971Boris Sagal
1976*Richard Donner
1969Peter R. Hunt
1992Carl Franklin
1979Harold Becker
1998Steven Soderbergh
1947Jacques Tourneur
1950Elia Kazan
1974Alan J. Pakula
1992Phillip Noyce
1925*Rupert Julian
1998Darren Aronofsky
1953Samuel Fuller
1945*Albert Lewin
1940Ben Sharpsteen - Hamilton Luske
1961Roger Corman
1968*Franklin J. Schaffner
1986*Oliver Stone
1971Clint Eastwood
1967John Boorman
1982*Tobe Hooper
1972*Ronald Neame
1946Tay Garnett
1987John McTiernan
1937John Cromwell
1960*Alfred Hitchcock
1931William Wellman
1994*Quentin Tarantino
1980*Martin Scorsese
1981*Steven Spielberg
1954*Alfred Hitchcock
1940*Alfred Hitchcock
1955Nicholas Ray
1949Max Ophuls
1951John Huston
1993John Dahl
1992Quentin Tarantino
1983Richard Marquand
1959Budd Boetticher
1983Philip Kaufman
1922Allan Dwan
1987Paul Verhoeven
1976*John G. Avildsen
1975Norman Jewison
1984Robert Zemeckis
1948Alfred Hitchcock
1968*Roman Polanski
1958Robert Wise
1985Andrey Konchalovsky
1942Alfred Hitchcock
1923*Fred C. Newmeyer - Sam Taylor
1936W.S. van Dyke
1949Allan Dwan
1998*Steven Spielberg
1952George Sidney
1932Howard Hawks
1996Wes Craven
1940Michael Curtiz
1989Harold Becker
1966John Frankenheimer
1941Howard Hawks
1973Sidney Lumet
1995David Fincher
1964John Frankenheimer
1958Nathan Juran
1943Alfred Hitchcock
1971Gordon Parks
1921George Melford
1980*Stanley Kubrick
1963Samuel Fuller
1991*Jonathan Demme
1983Mike Nichols
1999*M. Night Shyamalan
1999Tim Burton
1972Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1977Hal Needham
1984Norman Jewison
1948Anatole Litvak
1973Richard Fleischer
1960*Stanley Kubrick
1994*Jan de Bont
1928Ted Wilde
1945Alfred Hitchcock
1946Robert Siodmak
1977Lewis Gilbert
1982Nicholas Meyer
1977*George Lucas
1928Charles Reisner
1951Samuel Fuller
1987Joseph Ruben
1975Bryan Forbes
1951*Alfred Hitchcock
1971Sam Peckinpah
1954Lewis Allen
1980Richard Lester
1944Robert Siodmak
1941Alfred Hitchcock
1974Joseph Sargent
1999Anthony Minghella
1968Peter Bogdanovich
1932W.S. van Dyke
1976*Martin Scorsese
1956Cecil B. De Mille
1984*James Cameron
1991*James Cameron
1938Victor Fleming
1974Tobe Hooper
1991*Ridley Scott
1954Gordon Douglas
1948Nicholas Ray
1924Raoul Walsh
1940Ludwig Berger - Michael Powell - Tim Whelan
1951*Christian Nyby
1949*Carol Reed
1968Norman Jewison
1975Sydney Pollack
1939Allan Dwan
1959William Castle
1997*James Cameorn
1947Anthony Mann
1955Jesse Hibbs
1985William Friedkin
1997Roger Spottiswoode
1986Tony Scott
1964Jules Dassin
1958*Orson Welles
1974John Guillermin
1965John Frankenheimer
1948*John Huston
1969Henry Hathaway
1993Tony Scott
1925King Baggot
1957*Sidney Lumet
1949Henry King
1954Richard Fleischer
1996Jan de Bont
1968*Stanley Kubrick
1983Roger Spottiswoode
1992Andrew Davis
1992Clint Eastwood
1944Lewis Allen
1939Cecil B. DeMille
1987Brian De Palma
1995Bryan Singer
1958*Alfred Hitchcock
1967*Terence Young
1953Byron Haskin
1983John Badham
1920D.W. Griffith
1973Michael Crichton
1962*Robert Aldrich
1979Fred Walton
1949Raoul Walsh
1969*Sam Peckinpah
1928Victor Sjostrom
1927William Wellman
1985Peter Weir
1957Billy Wilder
1939*Victor Fleming
1941George Waggner
1944Fritz Lang
1956Alfred Hitchcock

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