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Head turned & tilted
Premature closure of cranial sutures
Result of teratogen exposure; craniofacial defects
Trauma to what region can lacerate middle meningeal artery
Laceration results in epidural hematoma
Paralysis to some or all of muscles of facial epxression
Partial or complete lack of fusion of maxillary prominence with medial nasal prominence
Lack of fusion of palatine shelves
Danger area of scalp
Infection in loose CT can pass into cranial cavity
Trauma to the head that suddenly moves the brain inside the skull can tear cerebral veins
Result from a rupture of an aneurysm
Overproduction of CSF, obstruction of CSF flow, or interference with CSF absorption
Failure of spinal neural tube closure and/or failure of formation of the vertebral neural arch
Incomplete vertebral arch, no external protusion
Meninges form a cyst outside of unfused neural arch
Cyst contains spinal cord & neural tissue
Failure of neural tube closure caudal to anterior neuropore
Impaired circulation and absorption of CSF
Impaired circulation of CSF
Blockage of endolympatic ducts, symptoms: tinnitis, hearing loss, vertigo, sense of pressure in ear, distortion of sounds
Infections/clots of orbit, nasal sinuses, and superior part of face may result in
Incomplete fusion of choroid fissure
Absense of iris
Small eye
Failure of eye formation
Inflammation of the sinus mucosa can be perceived as
Common site for nose bleeds
Enlarged pharyngeal tonsils
Nerves associated with gag reflex
Injury/compression to these nerves will cause hoarseness or loss of voice
Cricopharyngeus fails to relax leads to
Tongue not freed from floor of mouth
Cyst that lies along the migratory pathway of the thyroid gland
Result of abnormal closure/obliteration of the cervical sinus
Opening to interior/ exterior side of neck

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