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main character
his brother spared him
loves sasuke
sharingan was implanted
only uses taijutsu
lee looks up to him
current kazekage
uses a giant fan
has a puppet named crow
uses dog
uses bugs
specializes in weapons
what a drag
he is fat
also loves sasuke
killed by kakuzu
leader of team 8
tought by orochimaru
uses snakes
uses scrolls
orochimaru's right hand man
only surviving wood user
has bones coming out of his body
uses bow
uses a flute to fight
eats chakra
living parasite
sakon's brother
grandson of the third hokage
ino's dad
choji's dad
shikamaru's dad
strongest akatsuki
tries to kill iruka in the first episode
looks like a shark
leader of the akatsuki
art is a blast
the only girl member of the akatsuki
akatsuki spy
was sent to kill tazuna
uses ice claws also casts ice mirrors
uses sound
shoots compressed air out of his hands
pervy sage
head of security of the leaf village
attaches guns to his arm
grandmother of sasori
uses strings to fight
kiba's mom
5th hokage
tsunade's assistant
4th hokage
kiba's dog
monkey sommonded by the 3rd hokage
gave the writen test in the chunin exams
got saved by his dad
naruto's mom
saved his son from drowning
the demon inside naruto's body
the demon inside gaara's body
got brought back to life by ranmaru
bridge maker
uses wind
puppet that sasori goes into
uses seven swords all at once
shino's dad
kiba's sister
brothers with ibiki
gets mad easily
shizune's pig
her brother is atsui
brought raiga back to life
tsunade's grandmother
used crystals to trap hinata
new leader of team 10 after asuma died

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