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QUIZ: Can you name the Greek Mythology Immortals?

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Place in MythologyNames of Gods/Titans
God of the Air and The Void
Goddess of the Earth
God of the Sky
The Prison of the Gods
The Father of all Monsters
God of Desire
God of the Darkness
God of the Night
Personification of doom
Personification of Dreams
Goddess of Retribution
Goddess of Strife and Discord
Titan of the Ocean
Titaness of the Sea
Titan of the Sun
Wife of Hyperion
King of the Titans
Queen of the Titans
Titan of Divine Order, Law, and Custom
Titan of Memory
Father of Atlas
Place in MythologyNames of Gods/Titans
Titan who holds up the Sky
Titan who stole fire from Zues
God of Wine
Goddess of Love
Goddess of Wisdom
King of the Gods
Queen of he Gods
God of the Sun
Goddess of the Moon and The Hunt
Messenger of the Gods
God of the Underworld
God of the Sea
Goddess of the Hearth
God of the Forges
God of War
Goddess of Magic
God of Dreams
Goddess of the Harvest
Queen of the Underworld
God of Nature and The Wild
Cup Bearer of the Gods and Goddesses

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