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Can you name the answers to this themed word ladder?

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Broncos RB: Lance ____
Celtics HOF: ____ Russell
Famous Comedian: ____ Ferrell
76ers/Warriors HOF: ____ Chamberlain
Knicks HOF: ____ Frazier
Nigerian Rapper
Giants Running Back: D.J. ____
Texans Center: ____ Smith
Former 49ers/Dolphins QB: ____ McNown
An encryption
The center of something
Young Money Rapper: ____ Gunz
Designer: ____ Burch
Falcons Tightend: ____ Gonzalez
What Earl Boykins is
A prong or sharp point
Popular Computer Game: ____craft
Former Mets Catcher: ____ Piazza
It pleases you, you ____ it
Starwars Protagonist: ____ Skywalker
Panthers QB: Tony ____
An evergreen Tree
Nails, tacks, e.g.
What one uses to cook
Nickname for the NE Patriots
Journalist: ___ Morrison
Admin. of Sporcle: ____ Selby
Algebra, Geometry, e.g.
The ratio of the speed of a body to the speed of sound
Abbreviation for Michigan
Former Raiders QB: ____ Gannon
Overweight Rapper: ____ Ross
Detroit Lions HOF: ____ 'Night Train' Lane
Mavericks PF: ____ Nowitzki
Startrek: Captain ____
Movie: ____ Buttowski
Rolling Stone: ____ Jagger
Former Jaguars RB: Stacey ____
Giants MLB, Cancer Survivor: ____ Herzlich
Famous artist: ____ Chagall
A narcotic detective
A nostril
An offensive term against wealthy people: ____ Bear
Titans QB: ____ Locker
Philadelphia native rapper: ____ Frost
Famous Serial Killer: ____ The Ripper
Professional Wrestler: ____ Ryder
Actor in The Hangover: ____ Galifianakis
Famous Composer: Johan Sebastian ____

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