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In the state it was incorporated in, a corporation is known as a
a joined group of individuals or firms, formed to perform a specific business task
when one corporation is purchased by another it is known as a
business owned and operated by only one person
shares of ownership in a company
a written document that describes the company's goals and objectives, and their strategies to achieve them
owner is responsible for all business debts
merger between two similar companies
merger between two companies in related businesses but in different levels of production and management
a merger of two completely unrelated companies
in this type of business, two or more people jointly act as co-owners
an association of investors organized in order to provide a large amount of capital for a specific task
stock that gives voting rights, receives dividends
dividends are paid to this type of stock first, and usually higher dividends are paid
the most common form of business ownership, recognized as a seperate entity
a corporation operating outside of the state in which it was incorporated
a distribution of the profits to the stockholders of a corporation
a corporation chartered in another country but operating in the US is known as an...
corporations usually have this type of liability
a type of business where the owner uses the name and products of an existing business. High initial cost.

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