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Can you name the BSHS NFLer?

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I qualified to Nationals in HIBackseat of car. Bad times.
I often fart in 2nd hour debate.Policy is my event.
Finaled at Nationals twice.He is black. He is loud.
Self proclaimed, 'HBIC'First, LD. Second, PF.
I AM GOING TO OBTAIN YOU.Our best friend.
Mrs. President.Only Novice to qualify last year.
Back flipped his way to Nationals.Pocahontas!
Too smart for his own good.Two time district champ.
She is an Oulu debater.Magee is a common trend with this star.
Very stressed, hectic, and not relaxed.Hashypantsbooboogummybear.
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Not a fan of shoes.Mr. Magee, himself.
First epic DI. Now, EPIC DUO!He loves Sophie.
Second hour aide.BROTHAMAN & ENGINER.
Mini me.Peso.
Oratory super star.Our current Vice President.
Cash Money.Coby's lover.
Our wonderful pep officer!Fire!!!
Your prom date.Great dancer.
She sure likes to eat.Congress? What?
I love you... Wait... COME BACK!Three years was all she could do. :(

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