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QUIZ: Can you name the Organic Chemical Reaction

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Addition of enol to a carbonyl
Reaction of a diene with a dienophile
Cycloaromatisation of ene-dienes
3,3 sigmatropic arrangement of 1,5 dienes
Primary amines by alkylation of phthalimides
Reaction of nitroalkanes with carbonyl
Asymmetric addition of 2 hydroxyl groups across a double bond
Epoxidation of alkene with a peracid
Olefination of carbonyl using Phosphorus ylids
Cross coupling of organoboron with organic halide
2+2+1 cycloaddition of alkene, alkyne and CO
Oxidation of alcohol with NaOCl2
Oxidation of alcohol with CrO3
Addition of carbonyl to imine
Oxidative cleavage of C-C bond adjacent to ketone

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