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Besides basic lands, these cards had 25+ copies in a single PT top 8.

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copiescard nametournament
311999 Worlds (TMP-UDS standard)
31PT Aether Revolt (BFZ-AER standard)
28PT New York '00 (MMQ block)
282000 Worlds (USG-PCY standard)
28PT New Orleans '03 (extended)
28PT New Orleans '03 (extended)
28PT Philadelphia '05 (CHK block)
28PT Philadelphia '05 (CHK block)
282008 Worlds (LRW-ALA standard)
282010 Worlds (ZEN-SOM standard)
28PT Paris '11 (ZEN-MBS standard)
28PT Nagoya '11 (SOM block)
28PT Avacyn Restored (ISD block)
28PT Journey Into Nyx (THS block)
copiescard nametournament
28PT Journey Into Nyx (THS block)
28PT Aether Revolt (BFZ-AER standard)
28PT Dominaria (KLD-DOM standard)
27PT New Orleans '03 (extended)
26PT Los Angeles '98 (TMP block)
26PT New Orleans '03 (extended)
26PT Aether Revolt (BFZ-AER standard)
26PT Dominaria (KLD-DOM standard)
25PT Chicago '00 (MMQ-INV standard)
252002 Worlds (INV-JUD standard)
25PT Philadelphia '05 (CHK block)
25PT Yokohama '07 (TSP block)
25PT Battle for Zendikar (KTK-BFZ standard)

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