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Forced Order
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Character Phrases
'The Grim Reaper has arrived.'
'Who called in the fleet?'
'Bad news?'
'First round's on me.'
'Somebody get me out of this mess!'
'From the shadows I come!'
'I am here, click me!'
'By the numbers, boys.'
'The enemy closes.'
'Breach in progress! We are undone!'
'Metamorphosis completed.'
Character Phrases
'Fight or flight? Yeah right.'
'It's getting too hot!'
'Scanning battlefield conditions.'
'I am the voice of the eclipse.'
'Assimilation successful.'
'Rolling thunder.'
'Prismatic core failing; we require assistance!'
'My life for Aiur!'
'Uhh... I'm in a heap of trouble!'
'Got no patience for sittin' around!'
'Teleport successful.'

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