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Map Questions
In NATO but not in EU (TYPE GO)
Countries in the EU but not in NATO
Thin outer shell of the earth composed primarily of igneous rock.
Layer beneath the crust, composed of partially molten magma.
Extremely hot center of the earth.
Portion of earth’s crust composed of thick (40 km) layer of light granite
Portion of earth’s crust composed of thin (7 km) layer of heavy basalt ('sima' or silicon and magnesium) that sinks below 'sial.'
One of approximately 20 large sections of the earth’s crust that diverge, collide with and move relative to one another.
Ridge of igneous rock formed by hot magma (lava or basalt) that penetrates thru cracks in the suboceanic crust of the Atlantic, Pacific and other oceans.
Process by which lava and newly formed basaltic rock press outward from the mid-oceanic ridge, causing the separation of adjacent tectonic plates.
Movement of continents that are located on separate tectonic plates.
Ancient land mass that broke apart, beginning 160 million years ago, to form continents as we find them today
Process by which a light continental plate overrides a heavier oceanic plate, pushing the latter down and causing earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain building. Example: West coast
Process by which two continents collide, creating buildup of light (sialic) material to form mountains. Example: Collision of Asia and India to form the Himalaya Mountains.
Process by which two tectonic plates slide past one another, causing earthquakes. Example: San Andreas Fault, California
Boundary of the Pacific Plate, which is the site of numerous and severe earthquakes and volcanoes.
Proposed Continental Drift
Core continent
The weight of a column of air at a given location.
Produced by relatively colder, heavier air.
Produced by relatively warmer, lighter air.
The difference in pressure between two locations, causing air to move as wind from areas of high pressure to low pressure.
A belt of high pressure located at approximately 30o N and 30o S, which pushes heavy subsiding air outward toward both north and south
The force that, owing to the rotation (spin) of the earth, deflects objects to the right (clockwise) in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left (counter-clockwise) in Southern Hemi
Easterly winds, located between the equator and 30o N (Northeast Trades) or S (Southeast Trades)
Belts of prevailing westerly winds, located between 30o and 60o N and S of equator
Atmosphere is majority
Atmospheric circulation cycle
Coriolis deflection direction in Northern Hemisphere
Coriolis deflection direction in Southern Hemisphere
Westerlies blow from the
Trade Winds blow from the
Trace gases (carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, nitrogen oxides) that absorb terrestrial radiation, thus contributing to global warming.
The most abundant and important greenhouse gas, which is produced both naturally and anthropogenically by the burning or decay (oxidation) of organic (containing carbon) materials.
Atmosphere absorbs...LWR from Earth, SWR from Earth, LWR from Sun, or SWR from sun?
The natural or background production and absorption of carbon and carbon dioxide.
6 CO2 + 6 H2O —> C6H12O6 + 6 O2
A panel of scientists from all over the world, created by the United Nations to evaluate the risk of climate change caused by human activity.
First conference of world leaders, convened by the UN to address the problem of climate change. Established the 'Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)
First attempt, adopted in 1997, to restrict greenhouse gas emissions by means of an international agreement.
Mechanism to reduce the emission of pollutants by establishing a market for emission permits.
Next meeting major climate meeting in...
Two biggest emitters
Largest emitter per capita
Fracking involves
a measurement of regular motion.
How many degrees wide is each timezone
Map Questions
Do you gain or lose a day if you cross the IDL in the easterly direction
Mountains that run through central Mexico; extension of the Rocky Mountain chain
island group in the Caribbean comprising of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands
Are the Bahamas a part of the above group?
The other Antilles
English speaking Caribbean islands
Longest continental mountain range on the western coast of South America
british overseas territory; contested by Argentina (1982 Falklands War); formed from the breakup of Gondwana
archipelago of volcanic islands off the western coast of Ecuador; explored by Charles Darwin
southernmost tip of South America located at the southern end of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago
Where are the Pampas (all three countries in alphabetical order)
Flows from southwestern Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico; forms part of the US- Mexico border
bounded by Yucatan peninsula, northern coast of South America and the Greater Antilles to the north
body of water between Baja California and mainland Mexico
body of water between mexico, the southern coast of the US and the Greater Antilles
second longest river in the world; flows from andes mountains in peru through Brazil to the Atlantic
In spanish: economic theory that argues that the core structurally oppress the raw producers
river starting in southern Brazil ending in Uruguay
navigable sea route south of mainland South America and north of Tierra del Fuego
President of Brazil
That huge sliver mine
The Luso-Spanish treaty in 1494
Order from north to south: Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey, D.F, Guadalajara
Mountains to the South
Precipitation gradient caused by
Region beyond Urals
Islands Japan also claims
Southwestern Russian river near Ukrainian border
Russian black fleet stationed at
Baltic sea port that did not freeze in the Winter. Imperial capital
one of the first cities founded by the Rus vikings
arge lake in Siberia
off the Far East, above Japan
Sea that borders Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan
Sea that borders Russia, Poland, Germany
Sea that borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Pacific port in Russia
Tallest and second tallest mountains
Southcentral Desert
Northern desert (SUBTROPICAL HIGH)
Southern tip of Africa
Name 1 country on the horn that starts with an S
Appalachians' long lost cousins
Da Gama stopped at the
Lebanon to Mozambique
Three lakes (ordered by size)
Source of the Congo
Mountains in Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Mountains in Spain, Andorra, France
Longest river in Europe
River crosses through Kiev
River that flows from Poland to Ukraine through Moldova
River in Northern Italy
River on Franco-German border
River originating in the Alps
London River
Frech river in Paris
Sea between Italy and Balkans
Sea between Balkans and Anatolia
Map Questions
Sea between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey
Southern Russia/Central Asia is made up of grassland called
Who pushed the Rus out of Kiev
Georgian revolutionary flower
Treaty that established balance of power
one of longest mountain chains in Asia; starts in west near Pamirs in Tajikistan, runs east along the tibetan border,through xinjiang, and stretches along southern edge of tarim ba
northwest of the taklamakan desert; in the border region of kazakhstan, kyrgystan, and the xinjiang uyghur Autonomous region of western china
located on honshu island in japan; tallest mountain in japan; near tokyo
large desert in central asia that mainly in mongolia and china; rain shadow desert formed by the himalayas blocking rain from the indian ocean; fifth largest desert
the northeast region of china; smallest region in china; winter is cold and dry while summer hot and humid
region located in north of china; its provinces inlcude the ones that border mongolia; majority are han chinese with mongol minority; steppe region
officially under chinese control, though 21 UN members recognize as own state (including the US), taiwan under chinese nationalist control following WWII; following communist revol
region of china located along border of nepal and bhutan; in 1950 china claimed region which led to subsequent anti-chinese uprising in 1959; majority practice buddhism; leader kno
an autonomous region of china; northwest regions of china; home to uyghur population and majority practice islam; multiple uprisings as uyghyurs try to separate from chian
japans second largest island; northernmost of four main islands
largest Japanese island
the principal river in northeast china
longest river in asia; third longest in world; at one point dammed by Three Gorges Dam; empties into east china sea and runs through center of china to the east
2nd longest river in asia; the long river north of the yangtze that runs through north central china to the east
the gulflike sea between china and the koreas
the administrative capital of tibet
seasonal windflows onto and off of certain landmasses caused by uneven heating and cooling between land and water; 'monsoon' is derived from arabic word, mawsim, for 'season'
Dry monsoons blow in which season
Wet monsoons blow in which season
third largest island in the world and largest of asia; island in indonesia located north of java, east of sumatra and west of celebes
population roughly equal to russia; most populous island in world; has capital of indonesia
group of islands in south china sea; sovereignty fought over between china, taiwan, and vietnam
disputed set of islands in south china sea; occupied by chinese, taiwanese, vietnamese, fillipino, and malaysian forces
major river of thailand
major river of myanmar
Mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. Forms the border between Central and South Asia
The pass in the Hindu Kush
located in India making up much of the southern part of the Continent
Kashmir is disputed by? (Alphabetical order)
India's main river
Bangladesh's main river
Calcutta is on which coast?
Two largest cities in Pakistan
Which country in Southeast Asia was never occupied
What color shirts do pro-monarchy middle class Thai wear
Red shirts supported what candidate
Philippine Island with Islamic resistance
First president of Indonesia
What country colonized Indonesia
Af-Pak border line
Soviet Union retreated from Afghanistan in
Indian Partition in
Kumara means
What country developed independent agriculture based on yam and Taro
Austronesians are from
New Zealand used this type of agriculture
Located in SW Australia and the largest city in the west of the country
Eastern-most island group
mountain range that extends across all of New Zealand's South Island
Mountain range located along almost all of eastern Australia
Sea between Australia, New Guinea, and Vanuatu; site of a major WWII naval battle
Important shipping straights near Indonesia

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