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Reduced blood pH, increased blood PCO2 and increased T causes the Bohr Shift of the Oxy-Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve. This makes the graph move in which direction?
PCO2 in veins
CO x (mixed venous [CO2] - arterial [CO2]) =
When utilizing this type of nutrient, your RQ = 0.7
Fully saturated Hb can bind to how many mL of O2?
PO2 at 705mmHg
What percentage of CO2 is dissolved and transported in the plasma?
This molecule has a higher Hb affinity than O2.
PN2 at 705mmHg
1.5% of O2 is transported in the:
A normal adult male has about how many grams of Hb/L blood?
High pH, low blood PCO2, and low T shift the Oxy-Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve in which direction?
CO x (arterial [O2] - mixed venous [O2]) =
PCO2 in arteries
When utilizing this type of nutrient, your RQ = 1.0
The extent to which O2 binds depends on the what in the plasma?
Transit time at rest takes about how long?
Is oxygen loading at the pulmonary capillary time dependant?
CO2 produced / O2 consumed =
This is the condition in which the blood had a low O2 concentration and, therefore, low Hb saturation.
Blood flow x (tissue oxygen extraction) =
Tissue PO2 is low or high, resulting in the release of O2 from hemoglobin?
The Bohr Shift results in more or less oxygen released at any given PO2?
PO2 in veins
Blood flow x (tissue carbon dioxide production) =
PO2 in arteries
The relationship between the extent of oxygen binding to hemoglobin and the PO2 is described by constructing an:
In a healthy lung, complete diffusion of oxygen occur in how many seconds?
PCO2 in alveoli
What percentage of total CO2 is transported in plasma as bicarbonate ions?
The blood flow through the pulmonary capillaries is also called what?
Does the amount of O2 consumed equal the amount of CO2 produced?
True or False: lung PO2 exceeds blood PO2.
A normal adult female has about how many grams Hb/L blood?
98.5% of O2 is transported in the:
What percentage of CO2 is transported as carbaminohemoglobin?
This is the pressure that a gas exerts that is proportional to its concentration within the total gas pressure.
This is the condition in which the blood has a low hemoglobin concentration.
PO2 in alveoli

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