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C3a+C3b and C3a+C5a result in:
Natural killer cells secrete this chemical, which tears open the cell membrane.
C3b makes it easy for phagocytes to attach to microbes. What is the name of this process?
T cells are created in the:
The GI, respiratory, urinary, and repro tracts are lined with:
C3 breaks into C3b and C3a and combines with which other complement protein
Your phagocytic cells have secreted pyrogens in order to denature bacterial cells that have invaded your body. What is the result of this non-specific response?
Complete the flow: blood capillary --> ISF --> ??? --> lymphatic vessel --> lymphatic duct
Phagocytic mobilization has four steps. Leukocytosis, Margination, ???, and Chemotaxis.
These proteins tag themselves to a microbe with an antibody-antigen complex.
B cells mature in the:
The duct that drains the majority of the body's lymph
This type of cell kills tumor cells and some viruses via cytolysis.
The largest lymphatic organ
Interferons alter cellular activities. What is another name for them?
Lymphatic vessels run in the same direction as:
Redness, heat, swelling and pain are the four cardinal signs for this actue non-specific response.
Schmidt stabs you with a knife because you used his hair gel. In order to prevent the spread of damaging agents to nearby tissues, your body responds via this non-specific response
Does the left lymphatic duct drain the legs?
C5 breaks into C5a and C5b to combine with C6. These subsequently combine with C7, C8 and C9 to produce a:
The first line of defense fights against pathogenic invasions. What is another name for this?
These are produced by natural killer cells, macrophages, virus-infected body cells and T-lymphocytes.
Lymphatic vessels are thinner and have more what than veins?
This substance attacks microorganisms directly, hindering its ability to reproduce. (ex. interferon, complement proteins)
Lymphatic tissue has a 3D network comprised of what kind of connective tissue?
Along with plasma cells, B cells differentiate into:
The first complement protein to divide is:
T cells mature in the:
True or False: The lymphatic system transports dietary fats and vitamins.
True or False: Phagocytic mobilization is a part of your innate immunity.
What is another name for non-specific immunity?
Natural Killer cells are a type of what cell?
Once a NK cell recognizes and adheres to an abnormal cell, something inside it realigns in order to secrete perforin along a shorter distance. What realigns?
True or false: a high fever allows your immune system to work more effectively.
After neutrophils are released from the bone marrow, they cling to the walls of capillaries in the injured area. Then, the squeeze through capillary walls and begin phagocytosis on
The skin, hair, and tears are examples of what innate defense?

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