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Can you name the designated wilderness areas of New Mexico?

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Managing AgencyWilderness NameAcreage
Gila National Forest558,014 acres
Santa Fe/Carson National Forest223,333 acres
Gila National Forest202,016 acres
BLM61,600 acres
Santa Fe/Carson National Forest50,300 acres
Lincoln National Forest48,266 acres
Carson National Forest45,000 acres
Cibola National Forest44,626 acres
Santa Fe National Forest41,132 acres
BLM39,540 acres
BLM38,305 acres
Cibola National Forest37,877 acres
Cibola National Forest36,875 acres
Managing AgencyWilderness NameAcreage
Lincoln National Forest34,658 acres
National Park Service33,125 acres
Other30,427 acres
Gila/Apache National Forest29,304 acres
National Park Service23,267 acres
Carson National Forest20,000 acres
Carson National Forest19,661 acres
Cibola National Forest19,000 acres
Carson National Forest18,000 acres
BLM16,030 acres
BLM11,183 acres
Other9,621 acres
Santa Fe National Forest5,200 acres

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