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Can you answer these difficult It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia trivia questions?

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Who is Dee and Dennis' biological father?
Who was the pianist for The Nightman Cometh?
What does 'I' Stand for in the D.E.N.N.I.S system?
How much is Dennis' asking price for his Land Rover?
Who is the current owner of 'Kitten Mittons'?
How much money was the co-pay that angered 'Da Maniac'?
What was Rickety Cricket's original occupation?
Who loses an eye at the McPoyle wedding?
What was the password to get into the anonymous sex party?
Who rudely shushes the gang at a gin bar?
What is Dee's soldier boyfriend's name?
What is Mac's first and last name?
What classification of sexuality do Frank and Dee determine for the Oldies Rock Cafe owner?
What city did Mac's dad buy plane tickets to, causing him to violate probation?
Who is Mac's favorite Phillies' player?
Who set the gang's boat on fire while at sea?
What drug did Dennis and Dee smoke at Bobby's insistence?
How does Country Mac die?
What happened to Dooley?
What is Frank's fake doctor's name?
What disease does Caylee 'think' she has?
What is the Sudz classic, the Blue Hole, supposedly better than?
What 'man' is Charlie in love with?
What is the McPoyle sister's name?
What was Frank's 'jumping off point' for bar merchandising?
Mac isn't fat, he's just...
Who was Dennis' lawyer in his divorce settlement?
What body part was Dennis' lawyer self-conscious about?
What did Charlie forget to do to the video camera before filming Mac save someone's life?
What TV show was Dee tricked into almost being on?

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