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Who is the narrator of Arrested Development?
What town is the banana stand located in?
What simple restaurant gesture at Burger King excited Carl Weathers?
What is the name of Warden Gentles' screenplay?
'Anything can happen when two people _____ _ ___, cuz'
Who was a member of Michael's 'Dream Team'?
Who was Lindsay's shaman while she was in India?
What act does Wayne Jarvis consistently cite when talking to Michael?
What did Tobias 'prematurely shoot' before taking Lindsay on a date?
What does George Sr. ask George Michael for while he visited prison?
What time was it safe for Tobias to remove his blue paint?
'Gobias some ______'
Steve Holt, Maeby, and George Michael are all...
What actor played Tobias and Lindsay's marriage counselor?
What did Lucille 'give' Warden Gentles?
Who does George Michael actually share a cell with at the gala?
Who was 'mistakenly voted out' of the college dorm?
What snack food did Lucille recommend that George Sr. marry?
What color was the bow tie on GOB's seal?
What was Steve Holt's made-up brother's name?
What academy did Buster attend?
Bob Loblaw doesn't speak what language?
How does Oscar want Buster's turtle put to rest?
How many biological children did Lucille and George Sr. have?
What does Kitty want 'made in her mouth'?
Who was George Michael's college roommate?
Who tried to sabotage the banana stand?
Who was GOB's 'legs' in his 'saw the lady in half trick'?
Why was Buster home early from the Army?
Which two Bluth family members eventually were arrested (besides George Sr. and Lucille)?

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