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a trial sheet of printed material that is made to be checked and corrected
news and comments reported by nonprofessional journalists
publication targeted for certain audiences or interests
the quality, capability, or power to bring about belief
a type of story regularly covered by a reporter
when a writer takes credit for a piece of writing copied from someone else
a death notice or announcement
piece of writing or person who supplies information
secret information not for publication
a publication designed for employees in a specific trade
term for early 19th-century newspapers that cost one cent
to make known
a particular job or story given to a reporter
the page usually opposite the editorial page featuring signed articles expressing personal viewpoints
the main news story on the front page
motivation based on ideas of right and wrong; the philosophical study of morals
a line at the head of an article carrying the writer's name
a publication's distribution number and range
a method for delivering news and information to the public
written material that is set in type
a headline spanning the width of a newspaper page
the ability of the computer to bring differing forms of media together
a false publication damaging a person's reputation
situation or activity suited to particular interests or personalities
a prejudice that prevents a person from being impartial or influences in an unfair way
style of writing dependent on shock value or emotional impact
the title as it appears across the first page, front cover, or title page
exclusive story obtained by a reporter
plural of medium
a short explanation or description accompanying an illustration or a photograph

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