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Swift's suggestion of eating children in 'A Modest Proposal'
Ignorance in heart of darkness
The flute in 'Death of a Salesman'
Banquo & Macbeth
'Looks like a quick puff of colored smoke' in 'The Chrysanthemums'
'Happily ever after'
'He was tall, loud, and funny'
'Is that what you really want?'
'We said there warn't no home like a raft, after all' from Huck Finn
God in Paradise Lost
'Rain, why do you keep falling?'
POV in 'The Chrysanthemums'
'They were laughing, they were playing'
'It was shining bright as a thousand suns'
'The man was a house'
'She sang songs sweetly'
'I'm so mad, I'm going to kill someone!'
The dagger in Macbeth
'The wind whispered secrets to us'
Natives referred to as savages in Heart of Darkness

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