Chapter 45 Vocab shattuck

Can you name the human body plan??

Collection of cells that are similar in structure and that work together to perform a particular function
Composed of cells that contract
Moves the bones in your trunk, limbs, and face
Handles body functions that you cannot control consciously, like movement of food through the digestive system
Found in your heart, pumps blood through your body
Hold muscles to bones
Hold adjacent bones together, in joints
Contains cells that receive and transmit messages in the form of electrical impulses
Are specialized to send and receive messages throughout the body
Consists of layers of cells that line or cover all internal and external body surfaces
Binds, supports and protects structures in the body
Large amounts of an intercellular substance which embedd the cells
Consists of various tissues that work together to carry out a specific function
Contains the brain
Surrounds the spinal chord
Wall of muscle that seperates the two main cavities in the trunk of human body
Contains the heart, the esophagus and the organs of the respiratory system
Contains organs of the digestive system
Contains organs of the reproductive and excretory system
Is formed out of the skull, ribs, spine, and sternum
Contains the arms, legs, scapula, clavicle and pelvis
Contains a network of blood vessels which supply nutrients and nerves which signal pain
Thick layer of compact bone which enables the shadt of the long bone to endure the large amounts of stress
The spaces in the bone that are marrow. holds blood vessels and allows them to move through the bone
A tough but flexible connective tissue
Bone cells which are embedded between protein layers
A crack or break in the bone
The process by which cartilage is slowly replaced by bone as a result of the deposition of minerals
Where bone elongation takes place
Prevent movement, found in skull, connect bone to bone
Permit limited movement, hold bones in vertebrae in place, allow body to bend and twist
Enable body to perform a wide range of movements and activities
Covers movable joints and protects bones surface from friction
Tough bands of connective tissue, hold the bones of the joint in place
Helps protect the ends of bones from damage by friction
Develops when the immune system begins to attack tissue
Joint disease in which the cartilage covering the surface of bone becomes thinner and rougher
Long elongated cells that make up the muscle tissue
Light and dark stripes which cross each muscle fiber
Dense bundles that skeletal muscles are grouped into
Muscles that can be consciously controlled
Muscles that can not be consciously controlled
Bundle of threadlike structures found in skeletal muscle fiber
A protein which makes up thick fillaments in the bone
Protein which makes up thin fillaments
Thin filaments are anchored at their endpoints to a structure called
The region from one z line to the next
The point where the muscle attaches to the stationary bone
The point where the muscle attaches to the moving bone
A muscle that bends a joint
A muscle that straightens a joint
The physiological inabillity of muscle to contract
Temporary lack of oxygen levels in the body due to heavy exertion
A protein that fills the cells of the epidermis
The outer layer of skin
A brown pigment which mainly determines the color of skin
The inner layer of skin
Glands that release secretions through ducts
Glands that release excess water, salts, and urea
Glands found on the face and scalp, secrete a fatty substance called sebum
Fatty substance secreted by the oil glands

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