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QUIZ: Can you answer these questions about the beloved sitcom's first season?

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What is the name of the obnoxious young boy who is Dr. Barry Farber's patient?
Ross saw a peach pit on the road while the guys were going to a game, but what was the fruit he and Carol had actually eaten?
Who does Chandler have a hard time breaking up with?
Who is the owner of Central Perk?
Which friend does Monica appoint as her 'greeter girl' when Steve visits her to test her chef skills?
Complete this famous Joey quote: 'Phoebe's Phoebe, Ursula's ____________'
What did Marcel swallow, that Ross rushed him to the hospital?
Where were Barry and Rachel supposed to go for their honeymoon?
Which team does the heavily pregnant lady Lydia hate, which is also Joey's favourite team?
What language is Ross learning on the way to his flight, in the first season finale?

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