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Stuffed gummy worms up their nose.
Has a condition that makes them unable to laugh
Weighs 15 pounds
Song Dipper, Mabel, and Stan sang in 'Scaryoke'
Has magazines of fully clothed women
Got the high score on a pinball machine
Was 'Twamatized.'
This material kept the dinosaurs alive for millions of years.
Seemingly draws muffins as graffiti
Is first seen on dipper's bed.
Has his own special TV show.
Beast dipper was ordered to slay by the manotaurs.
Has one good eye and one good pie
Ate his way through a pterodactyl
Confiscated Stan bobble heads for 'evidence'
Nature's greatest warriors
Hint: Each answer is a characterAnswer with a name/nicknameGood luck!
Is still in the vents
How many victory nachos did soos bring?
Is only capable of saying 1 word.
One of the clones that was never killed
For cleaning up owls
Word Robbie wrote on the castle in 'Golf Wars'
Has a birthmark on their forehead of an odd shape.
What is inside soda in Gravity Falls
Works as a manager in a movie theater
Has a removable arm
Has no need for ladder boots.
Item mabel used to turn off the lights
Tagged along with Dipper and Mabel to investigate the giant tooth.
Items found on a picture of Mabel in Pacifica's room seen in 'Gideon Rises'
Founder of Gravity Falls

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