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Come out Virginia/Don't let me wait/You Catholic girls start much too late
Some folks like to get away/Take a holiday from the neighborhood/Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood
I believe I've passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage/I found that just surviving was a noble fight
You know that when the truth is told that you can get what you want or you can just get old/You're gonna kick off before you even get half way through
Do you remember those days hanging out at the Village Green/Engineer boots, leather jackets, and tight blue jeans/Drop a dime in the box, play a song about New Orleans
She cuts you once, she cuts you twice, but still you believe/She's so fascinating that you're still there waiting when she comes back for the kill
Don't go changing to try and please me, you never let me down before/I don't imagine, you're too familiar, and I don't see you anymore
I got the old man's car/I got a jazz guitar/I got a tab at Zanzibar tonight/That's where I'll be, I'll be
They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known/And I believe there is a time for meditation in cathedrals of our own
I've seen the lights go out on Broadway/I saw the Empire state laid low/And life went on beyond the Palisades/They all bought Cadillacs and left there long ago

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