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DescriptionVillain's NameSeason
Mastermind behind the nerve gas attacks of Day 5 and headed Tony's group in Day 77
President behind the purchase of the nerve gas and attacks on american soil5,6,8
CEO of Starkwood who threatened to attack the US unless made the primary weapons manufacturer7
Advisor to the president, later revealed as Jack's brother5-6
Assassin of Renee Walker8
Villain revealed mid season, shot by Jack Bauer to reveal location of the bomb2
Man responsible for the deaths of David Palmer, 'Tony Almeida' and Michelle Dessler5
Middle Eastern man behind the suitcase nukes of Day 66
Ex-wife of a president, kills Alan Miliken1-3
Leader of Sangala who invades the White House and is later killed in the attack7
Brother of the IRK president who orders his death8
Brothers owning a drug compound in Mexico3
Mole within CTU revealed in the final hours, killed Teri Bauer1-3
Brothers behind attack on David Palmer1
Behind initial attacks of the day, later revealed to be more involved in the attacks than could be imagined7
Chinese man imprisoning Jack for invading the Chinese consulate4-6
DescriptionVillain's NameSeason
Russian President behind the murder of Omar Hassan and Renee Walker5,6,8
Mastermind behind bomb during Day 22
Main villain behind Day 44
Dealer of the Cordilla Virus3
Mastermind of Day 3 attacks, served with Jack Bauer in Kosovo3
Distributer of the suitcase nukes6
Sangalian General who oversaw attacks with the CIP device7
Russian nuclear rods dealer8
Mastermind behind Day 1 activities 1
Russian terrorist who leads Sentox nerve gas attacks5
Leader of the nuclear attack on New York8
Assassin in multiple seasons. Deeds include poisoning David Palmer1,2,4
Middle Eastern man originally believed to be behind the day's attacks2
Mole revealed within CTU. First appeared as an IRK mole, the revealed to work for the Russians8
Head of group that kidnapped Kim and Teri Bauer1

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