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Who Scored the 20,000th Premier League Goal 
Which Swansea Player won Player of the Month for March 
Which Manager won Manager of the Month Twice 
Alongside Edin Dzeko, who else scored 4 goals in one game 
Who lost 3-2 at home to QPR 
Who was the first Manager to be sacked 
Who set up Sergio Aguero's Title-Winning Goal on the final day of the season 
Who were the first team to beat Manchester City 
Who scored Manchester United's only goal in their 6-1 defeat to Manchester City 
Who finished the season as Sunderland's top scorer with 10 League goals 
Who was captain of Wolves 
Who qualified for the Europa League despite relegation 
Who were the only team to get a point from Old Trafford 
Which winger had the most assists 
Which Liverpool player scored 2 Hat-Tricks 
Wayne Rooney, Theo Walcott, Kevin Nolan and which other Englishman scored a Hat-Trick 
Who did Manchester United score 7 goals against 
Which midfielder received 14 yellow cards 
Who was the only Manager to win Manager of the Month 3 times 
Who was the only Player to win Player of the Month twice 
Who scored 5 of Tottenham's 9 goals against Wigan 
Chelsea scored 7 goals against Stoke, Sunderland and which other team 
Who was the only South-American player to feature in the PFA Team of the Year 
Alongside David Moyes, which other Manager received the Manager of the Month award twice 
Who was captain of Birmingham 
Who was the first Manager to be sacked 
Who were the only team to lose to Burnley at home 
Who scored Burnley's winning goal against Manchester United 
Who scored home and away for Manchester United against Arsenal 
Who finished as Arsenal's top scorer 
Who scored for Hull in wins against Arsenal and Tottenham 
Who was captain of Everton 
Who was Wigan's top scorer with 10 League Goals 
Which team were involved in two 4-4 draws 
Who scored Liverpool's 4th goal in their 4-1 victory at Old Trafford 
Who scored the first goal of the season, in their first game in England 
Which Brazilian forward scored 14 League Goals for Manchester City 
Who was the only Player to win the Player of the Month award twice 
Who scored 4 goals against Liverpool in one game 
Who was the top scoring English Player 
Who were the first team to beat Liverpool 
Aston Villa scored 4 against Bolton, 5 against Birmingham, who did they score 6 against 
Who scored a penalty for Portsmouth in their 7-4 win over Reading 
Who was the only Player to score 2 Hat-Tricks against the same team 
Who was the top scoring Player from South America 
Who was captain of Fulham 
Who scored a Hat-Trick for Wigan in their 5-3 defeat to Blackburn 
Who beat Manchester City 8-1 
Who were the only team to lose to Derby 
Who had the 9 assists for Chelsea 
Wich defender played in goal for Sheffield United after Paddy Kenny was injured 
Who scored Tottenham's winning goal in their 4-3 win over West Ham 
Who qualified for the UEFA Intertoto Cup 3rd Round 
Which goalkeeper scored a goal 
Who scored the 15,000th Premier League Goal 
Who shared the April Player of the Month with Robbie Keane 
Who was Manager of Charlton for 6 weeks 
Who scored the first goal at the Emirates Stadium 
Who was the first Arsenal Player to score a goal at the Emirates Stadium 
Who was captain of Watford 

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