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What is the naturalistic fallacy?
What is a false dichotomy?
Explain what a weasel word is.
What is an inductive argument?
Explain what a ‘state of information’ is.
What kind of problem or argument and reasoning sometimes requires us to make a “locally arbitrary but globally principled cutoff”? What problem of reasoning does this help deal
According to Kenyon, what is the basic purpose of an argument?
What is the principle of charity?
Consider the following argument: If you went to school then you have a lot of knowledge;
You did not go to school;
Therefore you do not have a lot of knowledge. Is this argumen
Consider the following argument:1. We have no evidence that P.
2. It is not the case that P. Explain whether this is a reasonable argument.
Consider the following argument: Harold says that everything that a philosopher says is true; and since he himself is a philosopher, then his claim must be true. What logical falla
Consider the following arguments: “In 2016, Webster Library purchased 445 new philosophy books. In 2017, Webster Library purchased 430 new philosophy books; and in 2018, Webster
Consider the following argument: “There was a thunderstorm during my last exam and I got an A, so I hope that there will be another thunderstorm during my next exam, too!” What
Explain the Poisoning the Well.
Say I get on the metro carrying my new red bag. The car I get on has five other people on it. At first I think that everyone on this metro car has arrived there at random and could
What is fundamental attribution error and how is it opposed to optimistic self-assessment?
Is it true that all good science begins with a neutral observation of facts without any theoretical assumptions?
What is a ‘situational bias’ or ‘structural bias’ and how does it occur?
What is the ‘repetition effect’?
What is the ‘continued influence’ effect?
What is inattentional blindness?
What is falsifiability?
Explain the purpose of a control group.
What is a sound argument?
What is a cogent argument?
Explain the difference between Necessity and Sufficiency.

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