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A tour where transport, accommodation and food are all included in one price.
Health, wealth social statistics that show the level of development of a country.
Travel based around specific events whether sporting, cultural or historical.
Make sure the benefits go directly to those whose land, natural resources, work, knowledge and culture are being used.
Meeting the need of the present population without damaging the environment and local community for future generations.
A way of measuring the wealth of a country.
Holidays based on a particular area, interest or activity.
A flight over a long distance, usually taking more than three hours to reach the definition.
All the businesses and activities that create wealth for a country.
Areas set aside to protect the landscape so that it can be enjoyed by visitors now and in the future.
Tourism that has close contact with, and mainly benefits local communities.
Holidays that do little or no damage to the natural environment and local community.
Naturally occuring in a particular place.
Large numbers of people visiting the same area.
The result of contrasting demands between people.
The permanent population living in an area.
Increased spending in one part of the economy generating spending in another.
Basic networks such as transport, power supplies and communications.
Gases from burning fossil fuels that pollute the air and add to the problem of global warming (climate change).
A place of attractive scenery or historic interest that attracts large numbers of visitors.
A short distance of three hours or less.
The short term movement of people to places away from where they live and work, normally for pleasure but also for business.
The misuse of people or resources.
The difference between countries in terms of their wealth or social indicators such as GNI or life expectancy.

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