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4 women butchers were caught throwing rotten blood and offal into the street:Year
Thomas Scott was fined for assaulting two citizens who complained when he urinated in a lane instead of using a privy:Year
Butchers were ordered to use a segregated area for butchering animals:Year
The fine for throwing litter in the street was increased to two shillings:Year
Anyone who had filth outside their house could be fined four shillings:Year
Anyone throwing water from a window was fined two shillings:Year
2 women were arrested for throwing rubbish in the street:Year
There were at least twelve teams of rakers with horses and carts, removing dung from the streets:Decade
There were at least 13 public toilets in London:Decade
Vesalius published On the Fabric of the Human Body:Year
The official start date of the Royal Society:Full Date
The Royal Society was permitted to publish their findings in Philosophical Transactions:Year
The Jennerian Society was set up in London to promote vaccination:Year
Napoleon had all his soldiers vaccinated:Year
The government made the vaccianation compulsory:Year
The government made the vaccination compulsary again:Year
Opposition was so strong that the government allowed parents to opt their children out of the inoculation:Year
There was an outbreak of cholera:Year
Pasteur published the germ theory:Year
Koch read Pasteur's theory:Year
Identified microbes that caused the disease anthrax in sheep:Year
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Identified microbes causing TB:Year
Identified microbes causing Cholera:Year
Vaccine against Typhoid developed:Year
Vaccine against TB developed:Year
Vaccine against Diphtheria developed:Year
Vaccine against Tetnus developed:Year
Chadwick published his Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population of Great Britain:Year
The Public Health Act was passed:Year
The General Board of Health was abolished:Year
Another outbreak of cholera:Year
The Great Stink:Year
Another Public Health Act:Year
Exams before doctors could set up practises were introduced:Year
The General Medical Act:Year
Paul Ehrlich started looking into magic bullets:Year
Gerhardt Domagt tested a red dye (Prontosil) on mice:Year
Fleming wrote an article about penicillin in a medical journal but no one thought it was important:Year
Fleming stopped his work on penicillin:Year
Howard Florey read Fleming's research on Penicillin:Year
8 mice injected with streptococci bacteria and four were also injected with Penicillin:Full Date
Florey and Chain grew enough Penicillin to test on one person:Year

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