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Can you guess these dates for events that happened in Germany between 1918 and 1945?

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Event:Date:Extra Info
Stresseman signed the Locarno pact, an agreement between Britain, France, Belgium and Italy to not invade each other:Full date
The ban was lifted on the Nazi Party:Year
By this year the Nazi perty had spread and had reacher 6000 members:Year
Hitler took over the DAP from Drexler:Year
The four year plan (with the aim to prepare Germany for war in four years) happened between these years:Years (2)
SA set upYear
46 offences with the death penalty by this year:Year
Slump in food prices which resulted in many farmers turning to extremist groups like the Nazis:Year
Goverment agreed to ceasefire (WWI):Full date
Wall Street crash, which caused a worldwide economic crisis which was later known as the Great Depression:Month and year
The BDM (League of German Maidens) was set up:Year
Night of the Long KnivesFull date
Reichstag Fire:Full date
2 million (mainly Jewish) Russians killed by the Einstatzgruppen by this year:Year
Jews banned from the army:Month and year
Kristallnacht (the night of the broken glass):Full date
Nazis ordered the boycott of Jewish businesses:Month and year
The Weimar government coaltion (under Brüning who was appointed in 1930) collapsed:Year
Josef Goebbels put in charge of the ministry of propaganda:Year
Jews had to register all their possessions:Month and year
Hitler put in charge of propaganda for the DAP:Month and year
Jews had to carry identity cardsMonth and year
Event:Date:Extra Info
The Reparations Commission decided on an amount of £6.6 billion:Year
Stresseman was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:Year
Jews banned from restaurants:Month and year
Einstatzgruppen (murder squads that followed soldiers into battle to kill Jews) began:Year
The SA had 600,000 members by this year:Year
Brüning resigned:Year
French occupation of the Rhur:Full date
Hitler advertised a meeting that 2000 people attended:Full date
Hitler published Mein Kampf:Year
Spartacist uprising begins:Full date
A proper election took place for the new government:Month and year
Hitler first met the German Workers' Party (DAP):Month and year
Price of bread 201,000,000,000 marks:Month and year
President Hindenburg died:Full date
The White Rose group is set up:Year
Nuremburg laws passed:Month and year
Hitler became chancellor:Month and Year
By this year 70% of Germans owned a radio:Year
Price of bread 3,465 marks:Month and year
Jews banned from holding government jobs:Month and year
By this year the birth rate had increased by 30%:Year
7000km motorway built by this year:Year
Event:Date:Extra Info
Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers were banned from working for white Aryan Germans:Month and year
900,000 men in the German army by this year:Year
Joined the League of Nations which gave Germany a say in all the collective decisions:Full date
Spartacist uprising ends:Full date
In these elections the Nazi's won 288 seats (43.9%), increasing their vote by 5.5 million, but it still wasn't a majority:Month and year
663 billion marks in circulation, in other words, hyperinflation:Month and year
Jews banned from inheriting land:Month and year
Enabling act became law signalling the end of democracy in Germany:Full date
Law for the encouragement on marriage introduced:Year
The Nazis started using dramatic military parades:Year
Wiemar government set up:Full date
The first death camp (Belzac) started operating:Full date
Kapp Putsch:Month and year
Wannsee conference (where plans to decide the deatails of 'exterminating' all the Jews was discussed) took place:Month and year
Hitler arrested:Full date
The Rentenmark introduced:Month and year
The National debt for Germany reached 469,000 million marks:Month and year
The SS had 240,000 members by this year due to Himmler building it up:Year
Rohm and 6 other SA supporters shot in Stadelheim:Full date
Hitler, Ludendorff & 3000 supporters march through Munich:Full date
Munich Putsch began:Full date
Kaiser Wilhelm exiled:Full date

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