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What this is about
it is about 
it is about 
Your opinion
I find 
I think 
I believe 
I think one should 
in my personal opinion 
I find that 
I actually think 
I would say that 
I could imagine that 
I cannot imagine 
I can well imagine 
I would at least try 
I would like 
it seems to me 
I have the impression that 
how I see it 
I am convinced that 
I am of the opinion that 
I am convinced that 
if I may give my opinion on this issue 
in my opinion 
if I'm honest 
in principle I would say 
Something is obvious
it's obvious that 
it's clear that 
it's clear that 
Opposing sides
on one side ... on the other side 
on one hand ... on the other hand 
what I find good/bad about this is 
the ads/disads of --- are 
I think this is good/bad because 
we have to weigh up the pros and cons 
Disagreeing/the bad side
in spite of this I believe 
one shouldn't overlook the bad side 
unfortunately there are a lot of people who 
I am of a completely different opinion 
one must consider the fact that 
the opponents talk about 
they complain about 
a big disadvantage is immediately obvious 
it's not proven that 
Agreeing/the good side
an obvious large advantage  
there's a lot to support the point of view that 
other advantages are clearly to be seen 
the advocates claim 
compared to 
in contrast to 
in relative terms 
on the contrary 
and vice versa 
there is no doubt that 
there's the possibility 
of importance too is the fact that 
Reasons why something has happened
the reason for it is 
many problems are caused by 
what partly has led to it is 
it's often traceable back to 
one should consider the fact that 
an important point is the trend 
the main cause of this situation is 
--- has certainly contributed to it 
one mustn't forget the influence of 
plays a big role, too 
it's due to 
a critical fact is 
To finish
to conclude there is left to say that 
all things considered 
to conclude that 
above all 
it raises the question of whether 
in every way 
with the best will in the world 
in any case 
in any case 
it turns out that 
in addition 
without doubt 
in this way 
a typical example is 
the author uses ... in order to 
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