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Short SummaryCharacter
Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne. Protector of Gotham
Man of Steel. Clark Kent. Leader of the Regime
Princess of the Amazon. Justice League. Carries a lasso and sword
Cousin of the Man of Steel, but against his Regime
Ruler of Atlantis. Wields a trident
Leader of the Red Lantern Corps.
Hyper intelligent gorilla from a secret city full of intelligent primates. Plans to teach all of humankind just how smart he is.
Worlds greatest marksman and gun for hire. Floyd Lawton
Dr. Harleen Quinzel, assigned to the Joker to study the criminally insane. She fell in love with him, it drove her to fulfill Joker's wishes and join him in villainy.
Fastest man alive. Barry Allen
Jaime Reyes. Teen Titan. His suit is called the Scarab and has a mind of its own
Failed lab experiment turned brute and genius. Gives Batman a broken back
Dr. Pamela Isley. injected with plant poisoning, it adapted to her body and she can now influence plants and toxins.
megalomaniacal genius alien who collects knowledge and carries people and planets in data files
Batmans son. Damian Wayne. Killed Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
Vigilante with a sonic scream. Wife of Green Arrow
A plant monster from a swamp. Protector of 'The Green'
Selina Kyle is both a hero and a villain. Off and on with Batman
Short SummaryCharacter
British archaeologist turned animal in Amazon
Half man, half metal. Teen Titan
Helmet of Fate user. Powerful sorcerer. Can see everyone's future 'fate'
Green Lantern Corps...Hal Jordan
2 minds blended into one fire wielding hero
Archer of green. Deceased. Husband of Black Canary
Egyptian prince given powers by the wizard Shazam
Created a gun that could freeze the moisture in the air. Leader of the Rogues. Brother of Golden Glider.
Psychologist turned psychopath. Master of Fear. Uses fear toxin
Was the ruler of Apokolips and one of the most powerful villains in DC
the Clown Prince of Crime...wanna know how he got those scars?
Jason Todd. Batmans 2nd adopted son who was killed by the Joker, and came back to life
Koriand'r...princess of Tamaran. Lover of Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei...Cryomancer and can influence ice. From another universe
Treasure hunter and mercenary....enemy of aquaman
God of Thunder. Protector of Earthrealm. From another universe
Able to shrink in microscopic size
A demon rescued from the Nazis and fights the monsters of hell
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