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Book first appeared inCharacterQuote
Skulduggery PleasantDoors are for people with no imagination
Skulduggery PleasantI love you.
Skulduggery PleasantCome and have a go if you think you're hard enough
Skulduggery PleasantGrand Mage, did you know the sparrow flies south for the winter?
Skulduggery PleasantOh, my dear Eliza, you're not going to carry on with this, are you?
Skulduggery PleasantMy sister is the only family I have left.
Skulduggery PleasantWhere are your oh-so-clever taunts now, Detective?
Skulduggery Pleasant*silence*
Skulduggery PleasantHere she is, my special little girl.
Skulduggery PleasantI just told them you had diarrhoea.
Skulduggery PleasantWife, what is it?
Skulduggery PleasantWhy do they deserve the villa? Swap!
Skulduggery Pleasant'The Toxic Twins'
Skulduggery Pleasant'The Toxic Twins'
Skulduggery Pleasant“I love you all, even those I don't particularly like. That's you Beryl.
Skulduggery PleasantI'm Stephanie.
Playing With FireNever trust a door; they'll always lie to you.
Playing With FireI am rather grumpy. But what can I say? Some women like that.
Playing With FireI'm the Killer Supreme.
Playing With FireUgly little critter, ain't ya?
Playing With FireI bare you no ill will.
Playing With FireI love Sabine.
The Faceless OnesDoes Tanith have a boyfriend?
The Faceless OnesYou were my best student in all my years in the Necromancer Temple.
The Faceless OnesIt just looked sad, standing there without a face. Now it looks happy.
Dark Days'I don't have to be the monster. For you... For you, I can be normal. I can be human.'
Dark DaysIn the past, when welcoming a new Dead Man into the fold, the tradition was to hit them across the jaw, as hard as we could. Hugging is much nicer.
Dark DaysThank you, master.
Dark DaysOh, that's sad.
Mortal Coil*silence*
Mortal CoilFletcher's great. He's wonderful.
Mortal CoilGoodnight, Valkyrie. It’s been irrelevant.
Death BringerTheir previous owner wasn't too keen to let them go, but I can be very persuasive when I want to be.
Death BringerThank you, Gladys.
Kingdom of the WickedI'll miss him. He was my brother.
The Maleficent SevenI'm going to wear my shorts.
The Maleficent SevenYou'll get sunburnt.
The Maleficent SevenGood. Good, he needs that. Needs someone to keep him on the straight and narrow.

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