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QUIZ: Can you name the complete Westworld characters?

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First ever host in Westworld
Host who previously believed he was human
Mysterious stranger roaming the park
Host who becomes more and more aware
Host soldier
Part creator of Westworld
Head of security at Westworld
Head of quality assurance at Westworld
Primary host and used as a prostitute
Lover to the first Westworld host
Works in Behaviour lab and Diagnostics
Friend to human lover
Technician who repairs damaged hosts
Technician, becomes friend to one of the hosts
Female bandit
Male bandit
Female host who greets people into Westworld
Enemy of soldier host
Mysterious stranger kidnaps this man
Story director at Westworld
Executive Director at Westworld
Father to the first host
Host bandit
Minor character who the first host kills
Deputy sheriff host in Westworld
Wanted outlaw
Host who leads another group of hosts to capture a bandit
Minor human character who works on hosts
Son of host who thought he was human
Technician in Livestock Management in Westworld
Technician in Livestock Management in Westworld
Host that founder keeps in basement
Bounty hunter host
Wife to host who thought he was human
Host who is an avid milk drinker
Sheriff in Westworld
Guest who helps a host search for his enemy
Indian host
Captain host who is come across by three main characters
Deputy host in Westworld
Guest in Westworld
Guest who goes on a bounty hunt
Guest who goes on a bounty hunt

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