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Main character and member of Lakewood Six
Lesbian and member of Lakewood Six
Obsessed with murder and member of Lakewood Six
Rich girl, member of Lakewood Six
Mother of the main character
Second killer of the series
Artist and boyfriend to rich girl
Father to the above
First girlfriend to LS member obsessed with murder
Cousin to the second killer
Teen who bribed the mayor
Mayor of the town
Girlfriend to member obsessed with murder
First killer of the series
Teacher who had a fling with Lakewood Six member
Sheriff and father to the second killer
Psychology teacher at the town school
Boyfriend to the main Lakewood Six member
Deputy in the town
Father to main member of Lakewood Six
Teen girl framed as a killer in special episode
Deputy in Lakewood
Married to town sheriff
Hotel worker who is later killed
Girlfriend to lesbian member of Lakewood Six
Girl killed in her swimming pool
Town deputy
Town deputy
Town detective
Girl who offers to show the LS around a murder house
At a party, this character wears a mask and scares a LS member
Character in the Halloween special
Character in Halloween special, fakes his identity
Editor for two LS members
New girlfriend to lesbian LS member
Mother of the original killer
Boy who is killed at the beginning of the series
Father to lesbian LS member
Minor character in Scream
Minor character in Scream
Mother to girl killed in pool
Girl killed in a field
Minor character in Scream
Boy killed in a field

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