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Main serial killer
Special FBI agent
Female psychiatrist
FBI Agent
Crime scene investigator, specialist in fiber analysis
Crime scene investigator, specialist in fingerprints
Crime scene investigator, specialist in causes of death
Skilled hunter, has a knack for manipulation
Also known as the Minnesota Shrike
Main killer's psychiatrist
Employed by FBI agent in Chesapeake Ripper case
Suffered years of abuse from her brother
Heir to the Verger Meat Packing dynasty
Administrator at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Tabloid journalist for Tattlecrime
Killer, initially framed as the Chesapeake Ripper
Hallucinations of one of the main characters
Couldn't see other's faces, so she killed
Almost killed main serial killer at a swimming pool
Turns his victims into musical instruments
Killer, believed he could turn into an animal
Patient, had an obsession with his psychiatrist
Wife of FBI agent
Friend who supported skilled hunter, later impaled on antlers
Brother who was gutted
Girl killed by the copy cat killer
Killed and buried 16 women
Lied to main character about his encephilitis
Mentally disturbed animal lover
Girl buried in car trunk, then found alive
Made his victims into murals
Mother who abducted and 'adopted' kids
Judge who had his brain removed
Investigator for the Office of the Inspector General
Medical student who performed surgeries on his victims after picking them up in ambulances
Best friend of girl who couldn't see faces
Also known as Angel Maker
Killer, only discovered in his old age
Employee of Verger Meat Packing dynasty
Serial killed who preyed on diabetics
Last victim of Minnesota Shrike
Eldest child to be abducted by 'mother'
Couldn't kill his own mother
Maimed his mother, shot because of it
Baltimore city council man
Final child who killed his family
Good friend of main killer, often attends his dinner parties
The Great Red Dragon
Blind woman, lover of TGRD
Italian inspector
Sniper, childhood friend of main killer
Wife of main hero
Son of the above
Servant who works on pig farm
Assistant to pig farm owner
Only lasted on episode
Killed and job stolen by main killer
Wife of Italian inspector
Servant on pig farm

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