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a 'smooth, unbroken lava'
harder rock in the vent
boundaries of plates
intermediate size and slope but most violent eruptive style
a volcanic landform formed by the violent eruption causing cone
smallest but steepest slope; type of volcano
collective term for all pyroclastic materials ejected by a volcano
geologically active country situated along the fault
a hill, mountain or plateau formed by extrusion of lava or ejection of rock fragments from a vent
continuous ground motion indicative of moving magma
violent phase with continuous or periodic eruption
very thin on top of a volcano
ropy or billowy surface
volcano came from the Roman God, ____
gas from a volcano
type of volcano with nearly symmetrical structure of a cone
lava pours from a vent on the side of a volcano
type of volcano from ejected lava fragments
a small, steep-sided cone built from lava sputtering out of (~1m high)
moves as a slow, pasty mass
volcano monitoring using ground movements - seismic waves
Nuee ardentes
crater within a crater
largest but gentlest slope; type of volcano
volcano monitoring using a laser
it uses a laser beam to measure horizontal distances, which also change as a volcano inflates
formed from viscious lava that solidifies in or immediately above a volcanic vent
the last traces of volcanic heat disapper and the volcano gradually reduces through erosion
for a long period after it has ceased to erupt, a volcano continues to emit acid gases and vapor
'stony rough lava'
large pyroclasts, >64mm
the ground still contains latent heat, which can heat ground water to form hot springs
opening through which an eruption takes place
type of volcano with fluid lava, quiescent eruptions, vapor
erupted in 1991
range from 2-64mm
volcano monitoring using tilt
solidifies with a spiny, rubbly surface, angular
fast moving gaseous hot ashes
landform created by volcanism
finest particles,
basin-like depression over a vent at the summit
used to detect changes in the slopes of a volcano as it inflates when magma rises beneath it

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