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places where crust is extended, thinned, and fractured as magma rises to the surface
example of Continental divergent
a plate of lithosphere slides down a gently inclined surface of asthenosphere
example of Continental-continental Convergent
Supercontinent Cycle Hypothesis
dating of magnetic anomalies in the crust of the sea floor
longest mountain range
youngest volcanic island
occur along fractures in the seafloor, know as transform faults, where plates slid laterally past each other, roughly parallel to the direction of plate movement
laser beams from a station on one plate are bounced off a satellite and returned to a station on a different plate
choosy female
highest peak
magma rising at a spreading center exerts enough pressure to push the plates of lithosphere apart
hypothesis of J. Tuzo Wilson, early 1970s
example of Oceanic divergent
locations where stationary columns of magma, originating deep within the mantle, slowly rise and form volcanoes
move as individual units, and interactions between them occur along their edges
a tongue of cold, dense lithosphere sinks into the mantle and drags the rest of the plate behind it
lack of earthquakes, volcanoes, young mountain ranges
where two plates collide and the leading edge of one plate is subducted beneath the margin of the other plate and eventually incorporated into the asthenosphere
spreading ridges occur where plates are separating and new oceanic lithosphere is forming
tectonically inactive
characterized by deformation, volcanism, mountain building, metamorphism, earthquake activity, and important mineral deposits
flat-topped submerged former volcano
determine absolute motion
a trail of extinct and progressively older volcanoes
highest mountain
example of Oceanic-oceanic Convergent
example of Oceanic-continental Convergent
a partial australopithecine
example of Transform Plate Boundary

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