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forming alliances
Greek word meaning 'city-state'
petty local officials at the end of Spanish colonial rule
big land owners
name of the teacher of POSC1
part of the constitution which prohibits political dynasties
choicest part as in a society
Ilocos Rep. killed by Ferdinand Marcos
ratification of a law passed by the legislative, up for approval of the people
effectively kills any anti-dynasty bill referred to it
something that voters remember and will vote for again and again
some families established and expanded their firms after gaining access to government credit and licenses and government administered foreign aid and loans
Marcos said he was a guerilla leader during World War II
current president of the Philippines
murdering a political rival
process whereby people directly proposes laws for the government to enact
vote for people expressing their choice over a proposed law submitted to them
elements of a state
hosted a popular radio and tv talk show dispensing free legal advice
a politician needs this to mobilize people and resources to ensure that votes are cast and counted in a candidate's favor
committed campaigners and contributors
source of political intelligence
system of government in the Philippines
husband of the daughter of Pangasinan political kingpin, Eugenio who was the house speaker
emerged with the introduction of electoral politics by American colonizers
Today, entertainers themselves are running for office
hereditary post given by Spaniards to help local datus and their families
method by which a public official may be removed from office during his tenure, prior to the end of his term
means by which people chose their officials
term referred to media

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