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principal source of political recruitment
year of first local elections
Maximum number of seats per party-list
president who opened the palace to the public
canvass votes for Representatives and Senators
political party of Fidel V. Ramos
institution which protects the Philippines from internal crimes
proclaim winners of municipal elections
Electoral protests for representatives
mechanism through which politicians can be called account
necessary condition of a representative democracy
other term for Tribunal
number of years of service of a President
Percent of votes per seat
Electoral protests for Municipal positions
Philippine Political Party System during Post-War
Military power of a president used by Marcos after the Plaza Miranda bombing
leader of NPA
year of adoption of the new constitution
number of District representatives
political party of Danding Cojuangco
2 parties during the first elections in the National Assembly
first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines
Electoral protests for senators
canvass the votes for Presidential and Vice-Presidential positions
political party of Manuel Roxas
leader of HUKBALAHAP
Chief of Staff of Marcos
distribution of roles in an Electoral Tribunal
Electoral protests for president and vice-president
political party of Richard Gomez
Elections certainly deter governments from pursuing radical and deeply unpopular politics
way of removing an official in Presidential
part of the constitution stating the supremacy of civilians over military
place where GMA declared Martial Law
highest position in a Presidential system of Democratic Government
flying voters, vote-buying
One reason why even authoritarian regimes bother to hold elections, even if they are non-competitive, is that elections provides justification for a system of rule
political party of Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo
When they are fair and competitive, elections are a means through which demands are channelled from the public to the government
leader of MNLF/MILF
concentration of power in Presidential
group of people that is organized for the purpose of winning government power
Massive cheating year of elections
elections make this directly in states where political executive is directly elected
investigates the accountability of officials
political party of Joseph Estrada
Maximum length of Martial Law
threat to the government during Pre-Martial Law or Post-Independence
Electoral protests for City/Provincial positions
elections happen every 3 years, every second Monday of May
political party of Lito Atienza
Elections can also be a vehicle through which elites can manipulate and control the masses.
protects Human Rights
year of the Interim Batasang Pambansa Elections
threat to the government during Post-Martial Law or Restoration of Democracy
year of the Snap elections, EDSA Revolution
proclaim winners of provincial elections
number of Senators
Philippine electoral system
year of the first elections in the National Assembly
Military power of a president used by GMA in Makati (2007)
political party of the Binays
concentration of power in Parliamentary
part of the constitution stating that the AFP is the protector of the people and state
Military power of a president used by GMA in Maguindanao, and Marcos in the whole nation
institution which protects the Philippines from external threats
political party of Sergio Osmena
Philippine Political Party System during Post-EDSA
Philippine Political Party System during Martial Law
way of removing an official in Parliamentary
The process of campaigning provides the electorate with an abundance of information, about parties, candidates, policies, etc.
about the voters
highest position in a Parliamentary system of Democratic Government

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