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can be triggered by the shaking of ground
rock vibrates perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation
measure of an earthquake's effect on people and building; intensity
zones of shallow- and deep-focus earthquakes
a paper record of Earth vibration
first to arrive at a recording station
compressional wave
small earthquakes that follow the main shock
70-300 km; convergent
trembling or shaking of the ground caused by sudden release of energy stored in the rocks beneath the Earth's surface
discovered the actual mechanism of earthquake
longitudinal wave
0-70 km deep; divergent and transform plate boundary, some convergent
first alerted scientists to the phenomenon of subduction
300-700 km; convergent
small tremors caused by small cracks that may open within a rock
maximum depth of focus
result of rock movement along fault
seismometer with a recording device that produces a permanent record of earth's motion
Rock vibrates parallel to the direction of wave propagation
seismic sea waves due to the sudden movement of the sea floor
a serious problem after an earthquake because of broken gas and water mains and fallen electric wires
the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus
travel through the Earth's interior, spreading ouward from the focus in all directions
travel on the Earth's surface away from the epicenter, slowest waves, cause more damage
rock vibrations caused by release of elastic energy
opening of tiny cracks changes the rock's porosity resulting to a rise or fall in water level
shallow-focus earthquakes; normal faults parallel to the rift valley
geologically active regions
plots seismic wave arrival time against distance
trembling and shaking of land that can cause buildings to vibrate
subduction of the ocean floor
study of earthquakes
each magnitude increase in a Richter scale corresponds to ___ increase in amt of energy released
changes in magnetism and electrical resistivity of the rock
Collision of two continents; broad zones of shallow earthquakes on a complex system of faults
slower, transverse wave; 2-5km per second
amount of energy released at the earthquake's focus - magnitude; measuring height (amplitude) of wiggles in a seismogram
fast wave; 4-7km per second
point within the Earth where seismic waves originate
the difference between two consecutive numbers in a Richter scale means an increase ___ in the amplitude of the Earth's vibrations
shallow earthquakes; strike-slip motion on faults parallel to the boundary

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