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Who is the werewolf that bites Scott McCall?
In what year was Teen Wolf premiered?
How many episodes are there in the first season?
Which actor portrays Jackson Whittemore?
What is the name of the animal clinic at which Scott works?
What is the name of the episode in which Kate Argent reveals the supernatural world to Allison?
Who was Derek Hale's first love?
Danny Mahealani's surname translates to 'full moon' in which language?
Who does Stiles Stilinski kill in self-defense and by accident?
What magical being is Lydia Martin?
Who was first controlling the Kanima in Season 2?
By what name is Malia Tate's birth mother known as?
Who is revealed to be possessed by the Nogitsune?
Derek's younger sister, Cora, is poisoned with what?
Seth Gilliam portrays which character?
Who was the first to die from Derek's pack?
What was the name of the school from which Liam Dunbar was kicked out?
In Seasons 1 and 2, who was the official leader of the Argents' hunters?
On what day do the students of Beacon Hills High pull pranks on Coach Bobby Finstock?
Who was the one who gave Kate Argent information on how to set a house on fire?
What is the name of the episode in which the Alphas have Derek kill one of his own pack members?
What is the name of Lydia's mother?
What is the answer to the riddle 'Everyone has it, but no one can lose it'?
Who was the first member of Derek's pack?
What was the name of Boyd's younger sister?
Who dies: Ethan or Aiden?
Who is revealed to be the Darach?

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